Can Synoligo synthesize long oligos?
Yes, Synoligo can produce ultra long DNA or RNA oligos with or without modifications up to 180-250 bases with chemical synthesis. Alternatively, we can extend the sequence length limitation with an enzymatic method.
When will I receive my oligos?
Depending on the complexity of the modification(s) or purification(s) requested, custom oligos will take at least 15 business days for production and shipping. Expedited service with 2-10 business days is available per request. Please check your order confirmation for your specific turnaround time.
What format do oligos come in?
Custom DNA or RNA oligos usually come in dry format. However, we can also customize to your specific formulation need.
How should oligos be stored?
Primers resuspended in TE or water at ≥ 100uM are stable at -20°C up to 6 months. Dry oligos are stable at -20° for up to 1 year. * Frequent freeze/thaw will reduce shelf life and stability.
How much yield is expected based on the length of oligo?
We guarantee to deliver the quantity you requested.
How much does it cost to synthesize an oligo?
The cost depends on scale, the length, modification, and purification. Please contact your assigned scientist for pricing.
Do you synthesize RNA?
Yes, this service is available through our custom oligo synthesis. Please fill out the contact form so our team can better assist you.
Can Synoligo synthesize oligo with X modifications?
Yes, we can. And most likely we already did for other customers. Our strength is customization. As long as it’s chemically viable, we can incorporate it into oligo. We partner with renowned top vendors to procure quality raw materials.
Do you accept challenging oligo orders?
Yes, challenge accepted. Our scientists love challenges! We work with customers like you who were pushed away by other CRO simply because it is too challenging or doesn’t fit into their platform technology.
Can you make low endotoxin oligo?
Yes, we routinely deliver lipid conjugated oligos with endotoxin level lower than 0.005EU/mg. We can also help you clean up endotoxin-contaminated oligo products using our proprietary processes.
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